Establishing a giving account is the first step toward creating a charitable legacy and can extend your giving for years to come.

Give Together With Family and Friends

A giving account can help you cultivate a charitable giving tradition in your family and carry it on beyond your lifetime with the naming of a joint donor-advisor, other donor-advisors, and/or a successor(s).

Joint Donor-Advisor
All the same privileges as a primary donor-advisor. Your joint donor-advisor automatically succeeds you as primary donor-advisor upon your passing.

Other Donor-Advisor(s)
Friends or family can participate in your charitable giving efforts as secondary donor-advisors. You determine which privileges each person should enjoy.

Successors assume rights upon the death of the primary donor-advisor and joint-donor advisor.

Honor Your Favorite Charity

Add a Beneficiary Organization

You can name one or more qualified charitable organizations as the recipient of account assets upon your death. You choose the percentage of assets to be distributed to each named beneficiary.


Create a Charitable Legacy Plan

Fill in and submit the attached form to establish a charitable legacy plan to request distributions of charitable assets after the death of the last remaining donor-advisor. Triggered by the surviving donor-advisor’s passing, plans can include beneficiary organizations, the account duration time, and the annual distribution percentage.

In 2020, T. Rowe Price Charitable distributed over

$88 million