Making Contributions and Grant Recommendations

Benefits of a charitable giving account include minimizing tax obligations, simplifying the giving process, and maximizing charitable assets by investing them for potential growth.   

Start by Contributing to Your Account

Whether you’re opening a new account with a contribution of $5,000 or contributing to an existing account, using a charitable giving account is a tax-smart way to maximize your giving power. 

Immediate Tax Eligibility
As soon as you contribute, you’ll be eligible for an immediate tax deduction for the current year.

Time Your Tax Deductions
Time tax deductions for when they are most beneficial to you, even if you’re not ready to recommend a charitable grant immediately.

No Capital Gains on Appreciated Securities
When you donate appreciated securities, like stocks, you’ll pay no capital gains tax and your donation will be valued at the current market value. Calculate your potential tax savings.

Other Appreciated Assets

By donating appreciated private assets, you may be able to give significantly more to your favorite charities because capital gains taxes are minimized. You'll also be eligible for a fair market value^ deduction of the asset at the time of contribution. Consider converting your privately held assets or other nonpublicly traded assets into significant support for your favorite charities.

         Generally Acceptable Asset Types

Publicly Traded Stocks Real Estate Restricted Stock
Mutual Fund Shares LLC and LP Interests C-Corp Stock
Bonds S-Corp Stock Private Equity

Please email us if you are considering donating private assets of any type.

^ Per IRS rules, fair market value is determined by a qualified appraiser for nonpublicly traded assets.

Then Recommend Grant Disbursements to Charities

You can support the charities of your choice as soon as you establish your account, or enjoy the convenience of giving to charity over time. You also have the flexibility to make grant recommendations online, via mail, by phone, or by fax.

Grants of Almost Any Size
The minimum grant amount is just $100, and there is no limit on how many recommendations you can make.

No Paperwork Required
We take care of all the paperwork for you, including mailing your grant check. You can keep track of your granting history online, at any time.

A Wide Range of Charities
Make grant recommendations to qualified U.S. public charities, private operating foundations, religious organizations, and certain governmental entities.

International Granting

If you wish to support charitable work outside the U.S., there are two options available:

1. Recommend a grant disbursement to a U.S. charity for their global work. You can specify the grant purpose if desired.

2. Recommend a grant disbursement to a U.S. intermediary charity that will pass the funds on to the designated foreign charity. Examples of intermediary charities include CAF America and Myriad USA. When using an intermediary, be sure to inquire if they work with your designated charity. Most list eligible charities on their website, as well as the fees* that apply. 

Email us with your questions or requests for assistance in creating your global giving strategy.

*T. Rowe Price Charitable has negotiated special rates for our donors with CAF America and Myriad USA.

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