Disaster Relief

Disasters create short and long-term impacts that reverberate beyond the initial incident. There are resources available to help you make strategic and informed decisions about your disaster giving. 

Here are some ways you can support disaster recovery and resilience:


Support Nonprofits Providing Direct Disaster Relief

Among our donors’ favorite disaster charities are:

    Project Hope (EIN 53-0242962)
    Americares (EIN 06-1008595)
    Doctor's Without Borders (EIN 13-3433452)


If you have given in a previous disaster, consider re-granting to a charity you already know.  If you are looking for guidance, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a good resource for learning more about current disasters and long-term planning for resillency. 



Support A Local Community Foundation

Community foundations understand their communities and their specific needs.  Plus, they are invested in their communities for the long-haul. Check out this community foundation locator to find one serving the impacted community.


Support Local Nonprofits

Often nonprofits with deep connections  in the affected community are best equipped to respond.  You can search for charities, and filter by location, with Guidestar.