Disaster Relief: Covid-19

The 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-19) is a global pandemic that has created tremendous need across the globe, not only in terms of direct medical care, but also due to the significant disruption of normal nonprofit and business functions.

Here are some ways you can provide support immediately:


Support Nonprofits Providing Direct Disaster Relief

Among our donors’ favorite disaster charities are:

    Project Hope (EIN 53-0242962)
    Americares (EIN 06-1008595)
    Doctor's Without Borders (EIN 13-3433452)


If you have given in a previous disaster, consider re-granting to a charity you already know.  If you are looking for guidance, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a good resource for learning more about this crisis and long-term charitable planning for the next crisis. 



Support Your Favorite Nonprofits Now And In The Future

The crisis has upended life for many of us, and nonprofit staff are not immune from the disruption. Perhaps their planned fundraiser has been canceled, or they’re seeing an increase in demand while having to relocate staff remotely.  Consider sending unrestricted grants so the nonprofit has the flexibility to use the funds as their needs evolve.  Also, consider using your giving account to set up a recurring grant, so your consistent support continues through the period of crisis.


Support Your Local Community Foundation

Community foundations understand their communities and their specific needs.  Plus, they are invested in their communities for the long-haul. Check out this community foundation locator to find one near you.


Support Your Local Nonprofits

Maybe you or your neighbors are relying on a local nonprofit that you weren’t familiar with before the crisis.  Or perhaps you’ve seen a news piece about a local nonprofit responding to the pandemic with an innovative approach.  You can search for charities, and filter by location, with Guidestar.

Covid-19 Impact: Shifting Philanthropic Priorities in Uncertain Times

In this webcast, our panelists discuss how donors are adjusting their philanthropic strategies in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.