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How It Works

T. Rowe Price Charitable gives donor-advisors access to immediate tax benefits while allowing the flexibility to recommend grant disbursements to charities at their convenience.


Start With an Initial Contribution

Establish your giving account by making an irrevocable contribution of $5,000 or more in cash, long-term appreciated securities or noncash assets. You’ll be eligible for an immediate tax deduction for the current year. While planning your giving strategy, your donation is invested in pools professionally managed by T. Rowe Price. This has the potential to grow tax-free, providing even more benefit to your charities of choice.


Recommend a Grant Disbursement (When You’re Ready)

Research new charities with GuideStar, or support your favorite charities by recommending grant disbursements of $100 or more. We’ll distribute the grant, handle the paperwork, and keep your records accessible behind your secure login.


See Your Good in the World

Whether you’re recommending grants for projects in your local community or funding projects across the globe, build a legacy of giving that lasts.

$107 million

was distributed to charities in 2023